Household Shifting – Checklist Tips

Moving Tips for Home Shifting

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Have a look to our moving checklist for household items. In this checklist you will find things to be take of while shifting to new city with your family and household items.

Moving a home may seem like a tough job but now we will provide you information that you will need to make household shifting smooth with our experience.

Here you will get some great useful tips for shifting house, our shifting house – checklist for moving and for long distance relocation, and you will find our quotation for household shifting. Follow the instructions bellow and you will make your relocation much better organized and simpler.

JNC Packers and Movers Checklist Tips

Shifting a house is a big thing to do. Here is our checklist to follow:

  • Plan how to pack every room at your home – what packing materials you will need and how much. If you are interested in using a storage prepare for it. As a professional packers and movers we may help you in these things from beginning to end as per your requirement.
  • Then organize how to pack heavy items. Prepare the electronics for moving, make a back up of the files on your computer or on google drive, empty and defrost the fridge, clean the kitchen appliances for packing, etc.
  • If you have taken some books, CDs and DVDs collect them and take them back. Pick up things from the dry-cleaners.
  • When shifting of household goods remember to also plan cleaning your new home. You can organize it yourself or contact a professional cleaning company to do it.
  • Take meter readings of your electricity and water consumption and ask the landlord to come for a final inspection of your home if you are living on rent.

Shifting Household Items Long Distance Checklist

If you are shifting your household on a long distance there are a few more particular things to do. Here’s our checklist for shifting of household goods:

  • For a long distance house shifting you need to contact a new school/ daycare, doctor, house maid or servant and dentist.
  • Let everyone at your job know you are moving as soon as you have a plan for a particular date to leave the city (and your job). Search for a job in the new city before you move there.
  • Also notify all people and companies that need to know you are going away like magazines you are subscribed to, clubs you are a member of, etc. Contact utility companies like cable operator, telephone, mobile (post paid), internet, electricity, water providers etc. If you are renting let your landlord know in due time – check what your rental contract says about it.
  • You may tell the date of your moving to Milkman, Laundry Service, Servants, Nearby Kirana Stores, News paper hawkers,  cable operators and clear their payments and bills if any due left on you or tell them when will you pay, it will leave a good impact on them after your shifting to new home.
  • And most important tell about your shifting to your trusted neighbours. Give your neighbors your new address and contact numbers so that they may receive post in your absence if any comes after leaving your house and call you when something important arrives.
  • Make travel arrangement for you and your family. Decide what you will do with your car – will you ship it or will you drive it to your new home. In some long distance moves you may need to consider a hotel as well. If you are shipping your car along with your furniture plan the travel route to your new home – bus, train, plane, etc. and get maps of the local area.
  • If you have domestic animals check our article on how to move with pets. If you are shifting your household and want to pick your plants with you you can read about how to do it here. If you don’t want to take all the plants you have find them new homes – talk to colleges, friends and relatives about someone taking one or more of your plants.
  • In the meantime remember to talk to your children too. Let them know where you will be going. Moving with your children may be not quote what you have expected – they may not like the idea of relocating, leaving their friends behind and all the places they love. Yet, they will count on you for support. You can show them that shifting a household is nothing to worry about. Take your children to a trip in the city you will be living in and show them around or explore it together. Take them to places you know they will like and let them know they will be able to find friends there; friends with whom to share common interests.
  • Before shifting your entire home organize a farewell moving party for your family and friends. If you have smaller children you can make another party for them. They would be so happy to be with their friends!
  • One most important thing switch off the main switch, check water supplies are off, check all doors are closed and locked properly, see all house carefully before leaving like small areas of the house, kitchen, bedroom, hall, store etc., check cupboards, almirah etc
  • See nothing is left, which you may need later in immidiate situations as it may be hectic sometimes when we need these things whether it is small or big.
  • As you are moving to new city and don’t know where to buy the things, which you may left behind, if care not taken properly. Sometimes you may have to go for market for such a small things like comb, toothpaste, tooth brush, safety pins etc.
  • Keeping these small things in a utility box may be helful when you need them.
  • Search what the local opportunities are for doing some sports, finding social clubs or places to have fun and go to in the evening.

Shifting House – Quotes
You can ask for a quote for a local and interstate move on our website. When shifting house you may invite our company to come to your home for a physical check and a more accurate estimation. Physical survey allows our moving expert to check all you will be moving and provide what the price for moving is going to be for you.

Hopefully these tips for shifting house and the shifting house – checklist will help you for your move. Plan everything well and in details and you will surely make a smooth relocation. After your moving is over you can come back to us and share your moving story here.

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